About Us

About Us

Our journey started back in the year 2012, when our founder Dr. Gursewak Singh DM in Gastroenterology, chose to give up his lucrative medical job and decided to make forays into the realm of affordable quality healthcare in Gastroenterology. Integrity, Authenticity, and Excellence in patient care remain the driving force behind this Gastro super specialty hospital, fondly named as Care Hospital. Located in Punjab's Malwa region, in the city of Bathinda, this now 40-bedded fully operational Gastro care hospital made a modest beginning as a Gastrotretology clinic some eight years back. The Care hospital Bathinda today reflects the endearing dream of our founder, Dr. Gursewak, to model it on the lines of a modern gastroenterology hospital of the like of AIG Hyderabad.

Care Hospital Bathinda is currently offering single-window solutions to all Gastrointestinal illnesses. We treat patients with problems related to the Food pipe, Stomach & intestines, Liver, Gall bladder, and pancreas both among adults and children. Our principal consultant, Dr. Gursewak Singh's professional credibility and personal reputation, is a major traction point for a large patient base of Bathinda and surrounding states, including Punjab, Haryana, and Rajasthan. Over the years, We have added the best infrastructure, medical equipment, trained paramedical Staff & support facilities to ensure that all treatment procedures in Gastro care are conducted seamlessly and efficiently.

Our doctors are equipped with cutting edge technology support in diagnostic & therapeutic Endoscopy procedures. We also have set up state-of-the-art lab tests& radiology facilities at Care Hospital Bathinda to offer end to end services for Gastro patients both in OPD and IPD departments. Care hospital, Bathinda has services of full-time consultants in Microbiology, Radiology, Nutrition, and Weight management to provide for a comprehensive service under one roof.

Care Hospital operates 24 x 7 Emergency, Pharmacy, and Laboratory Services. On-call Ambulance support is there as and when required. We have spacious and hygienic visitor accommodation rooms for ICU patient attendants. Our Private wards and premium rooms are well equipped with communication & support facilities. A 24 x7 Canteen provides hi-grade food & catering services to all the dependent staff and patients. Our mandate is to provide Excellence in clinical services and go beyond togarner the trust of patients by assuring them that 'better is possible' right in their own city Bathinda. We are onto a mission of reinforcing the culture of Integrity, Authenticity, and transparency at all touchpoints of the Hospital -patient's interface.

We consistently aspire to give hope even to those patients who are apparently disappointed with other hospitals. The human touch and professionalism that our staff exudes is the hallmark distinction that sets Care hospital Bathinda apart from its competitors in this region of Malwa Punjab. Our service ecosystem in Medical Gastroenterology and GI surgical procedures are designed to give the best patient experience and service satisfaction. All our support units are wired-up not only to provide the best treatments at an affordable cost; but, more importantly, touch as many human lives in the process beyond the call of duty and standard treatment manuals.

Our patients continue to be our best ambassadors. This plainly because we don't engage in any covert or unethical marketing or practices that undermine the sanity of the patient-Doctor relationship. At Care hospital, It is the sheer faith of patients that embellishes our journey of close to a decade and gives us the necessary motivation to gear up for a fifty-bed gastroenterology hospital by 2022.

Patient blessings are our best reward.

Quality Assurances

In the present day evidence-based Health care,scientific Quality controls and best Clinical practices are the established benchmarks for a genuinely good healthcare facility. At Care Hospital Bathinda, that is what we consistently are adopting for Quality Assurance.

To best and effectively implement our Quality Control protocols, we have a task force with well-defined clinical and healthcare protocols defining roles for each serving staff member at Care Hospital. Our sole focus is to ensure the safety of patients and medical personnel and to improve on our services to the best expectations of patients. We fully adhere and follow the Bio-medical waste disposal procedures ensuring the safety of all stakeholders at our GI hospital.

We conduct regular quality audits of our Pharmacy services, ensuring that only the best drug dealers are engaged, and no spurious or low-quality drugs are procured or administered to patients. For all therapeutic and diagnostic endoscopy procedures, we at Care hospital Bathinda implement the global quality and sanitization standards using modern cleaning procedures(ETO sterilization)to sanitize all equipment and OT facility postevery such procedure.

Our Neo lab services observe strict quality control and Hygiene measure recommended for a modern testing and investigation facility for reliable, accurate, and consistent results. Our quality assurance department headed by lead pathologist Dr. Simranjeet Kaur (MD, Microbiology – PGI Chandigarh)meets every month end to conduct the audits and monitor all aspects of operational and managerial handling at Care Hospital Bathinda.

Patients safety and well-being is the bottom line objective for all Quality assurance measures at our gastroenterology super-specialty Hospital.

Research and Collaborations

Research and Collaborations: We operate in an interdisciplinary age of collaborative research and niche skill exchange. As with most of the health care segments, Gastroenterologist has immense scope for innovations and joint medical research with like-minded organizations. We have understood this need for multidisciplinary collaborations to impact masses, in particular of the Malwa region, here in Punjab. Care hospital, Bathinda, is at an initial stage of identifying the specific domains that entail scope for collaboration. The idea is to team up with various research organizations in related fields to conduct meaningful community studies to impact the health of the masses. As part of this long term initiative, we have been conducting weekly meetings with representative officials of adjoining academic institutions and research-driven organizations, to generate meaningful data that can lead to a robust study program.


Make Care Hospital a magnet for patients and health care professionals in Gastroenterology an affordable futuristic GI Centre of Academic and Clinical Excellence.


Make a difference in patient’s lives for better - Cure disease, mitigate their fears, & render goodness by touching as many associated lives in the process with memorable service experiences