Gastro OPD

Care Hospital Bathinda operates perhaps the busiest Gastro care OPD handling large volumes of the gastroenterology patients in the Bathinda region. But our OPD fixtures are such planned that each patient receives adequate medical attention, gets examined to full satisfaction, and leaves our hospital premises with a smile, fully cured and healthy at the end of the treatment cycle. In our OPD, we follow a patient-centric approach to offer comprehensive treatment for the management of gastrointestinal(GI) diseases related to food pipe, esophagus, stomach, liver, duodenum, abdomen, intestines, and rectum. The OPD patients are seen first by a resident doctor to record the patient history and all associated symptoms. Then our lead Consultant Dr. Gursewak Singh – DM in gastroenterology (PGIMER), personally examines a patient.

Our OPD patients can avail of all imaging, a diagnostic, and interventional procedure like Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, Sigmoidoscopy, digital X-rays, and Ultrasound scan facilities all within Care Hospital Bathinda.

Generally,we receive OPD patients with complaints of following diseases

Liver Diseases
Food Pipe Disorders
Bleed Per Rectum

Liver OPD

Care hospital Bathinda boasts Specialized expertise in diagnosis and treatment of nearly all forms of liver disease. Our Liver clinic is run on standardised guidelines with the underlying aim of providing quality medical services to the best of patient’s expectation & trust. Leading from the front with his vast clinical experiences of over fifteen years, Dr Gursewak Singh - DM Gastroenterology remains the preferred choice among most patients.He is one of the foremost clinicians in the Bathinda region; known for his professional skill and a genuinely caring doctor.

Our in house team of clinicians have extensive experience & niche expertise in diagnosing, treating, and monitoring all Liver related medical abnormalities; from a routine procedure to extremely challenging. For an easy and quick patient reference and guide, the below conditions are treated at the Liver Clinic at Care Hospital Bathinda

The below conditions are treated at the Liver Clinic at Care Hospital Bathinda

Alcohol-Induced Liver Disorders
Viral Hepatitis of all variantsincludingHepatitis A, B, C, D & E
Liver Cancers & Cysts
Benign Liver Tumours And Other Hepatic Lesions
Obstructive Jaundice
Inherited Liver Conditions Like Wilson's Disease

At our modern liver Clinic, Dr Gursewak Singh and his team of resident doctors have come up with several research-based prevention and treatment strategies, including lifestyle and behavioural modification, anticipatory vaccination, medications, and if required surgery. This full-spectrum treatment option makes Care Hospital a preferred choice of a large patient base from Bathinda and its suburban population areas.

Care Hospital reflects a breed of new Liver clinics in Punjab, which have given a human face to medical services in the private sector. This hospital is widely recognised for its staff’s personal handling of patients, giving them individual attention and making a friendly outreach that goes beyond the standard service procedures of routine clinics.

Every single patient comes across a unique and pleasant experience right from his entry and through his discharge procedure at Care hospital. The whole medical & support staff is professionally trained to walk that extra mile, which gives them necessary confidence and belief.

The patients and their attendants can visibly experience that they are in safe hands and up for the best and affordable treatment at Care hospital Bathinda.

The service costs at our Liver clinic are significantly lower compared to any top private hospitals in the region.


IBD is inflammatory bowel disease . It is very prominient in north india .We recieve many new IBD patients in daily OPD .It is mainly categories into 2 types.
1. Ulcerative Colitis( UC )
2. Corhn's Diesease (CD)

Ulcerative Colitis is more common in our region. Patients with both the diseases present mainly with bleed per rectum , pain in the lower abdomen , loss of weight and weakness. Patients with IBD have multiple ulcers in the large intestine .Procedures like Sigmoidoscopy and full length colonoscopy is done looking at the symptoms .During the procedures biopsy tissue is taken to confirm the diagnosis of IBD.

Once it is confirmed treatment is started under the guidance of expert Dr Simranjeet Kaur .Most of the patients show dramatic improvement after starting the medicine.

Obesity (Over Weight)

What It is

Obesity or Over Weight refers to a medical condition when an individual gains excess weight or body fat, risking normal health & occasionally hampering routine life activities. Of recent, Obesity is emerging as a significant health disorder in present-day life across the whole world.

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Body Mass Index calculation is a common practice that Medics often resort to for assessing an individual’s optimum weight for a specific gender, age, and height. The measurement combines height with Weight. between 25 and 29.9 suggests that an individual is carrying excessive weight. A BMI of 30 or over is categorized as a probable cause of Obesity. Obesity could also be correlated to hereditary factors, Thyroid, and other hormonal imbalances

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The goal of obesity treatment is to reach and stay at a healthy weightperyour BMI index value. A patient has to strive to improve overall health and lower being at risk of developing complications related to Obesity.

A dietician and Nutrition Specialist devises Smart and well thought out food intake for you besides prescribing peculiar exercises targeting your fat deposition areas,food menus, behavioral modification, and lifestyle changes. At care Hospital, our full-time Dietician Gurjeet Kaur has a successful track record of helping patients lose their undesired fat and make them revert to a healthy BMI.

Gastroenterologists at Care Hospital, Bathinda also help Obese patients in countering the associated health hazards prompted by Obesity. Several gastrointestinal complications, including gastroesophageal reflux esophageal, diarrhea, polyps, cancer, liver disease including nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and cirrhosis, warrant medical intervention, from our lead Gastroenterologist Dr. Gursewak Singh – DM Gastroenterology. A healthy proportionate body weight boosts your overall health and lowers any potential possible risk of developing complications prompted by Obesity.

Our Dietician has devised following six key focus areas to manage Obesity using the services at Care hospital Bathinda

Working out Your BMI while considering all associated medical conditions
Devising custom Nutrition plans
Modifications in your Eating habits & timings
Increasing Your Physical Activity And Calorie Reduction
Preparing atargeted weight loss program
Returning to a healthy BMI and maintaining fitness